Tamaroba in Georgia (14/05)

May 14 is a national Georgian holiday. Commemoration day of the holy Blessed Queen Tamara - Tamaroba. Usually the main events dedicated to this holiday are held in Tbilisi - in the church that bears her name, in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother of God and in Akhaltsikhe (Southern Georgia). Solemn prayers are also held on this day in almost all Orthodox churches in the country.

As a national holiday, it has been celebrated since 1917 after the restoration of the autocephaly of the Church of Georgia.

Reliable historical information is accompanied by legendary tales from the very day of Queen Tamara's accession to the throne. Tamara Bagrationi, who lived at the turn of the 12th-13th centuries, was the first woman in the history of Georgia, who ascended the throne in 1184 (after the death of her father George III) and became the sole ruler.