Carnival in Luxembourg (27/02)

One of the significant and colorful events of Luxembourg — the annual carnival ( Cavalcade de Diekirch ).

The days of the carnival precede the Great post. The tradition of carnival is very old, and it is associated with a simple idea: before the Great Lent, you need to eat, get drunk and take a walk.

What could be more fun, brighter and more interesting than carnival?! Carnival Sunday, Monday and Tuesday — peak Luxembourg season Carnival. And this is truly the most colorful sight of the year! The whole country becomes a platform for one large carnival.

For children, a lot of entertainment, games and contests with prizes are invented. And most residents make costumes manually. Parades and street dances, holiday concerts and entertainment shows, salutes of sweets and popcorn, which can be caught in umbrellas — all this is the Luxembourg Carnival! So get bigger umbrellas to the carnival!