Liberation Day of Albania (29/11)

Liberation Day in Albania is a national holiday celebrated annually on November 29 to commemorate the country's liberation from German occupation in 1944. Although for some time the date of its celebration has changed.

With the coming to power of the Democratic Party in 1992, Liberation Day began to be celebrated on the same day as Independence Day - November 28th. After the transfer of power to the socialist party in 1997, the holiday date was again postponed to November 29.

This holiday is a state holiday and is celebrated in honor of the liberation of the country from the fascist invaders during the Second World War, when Albania was occupied by the troops of fascist Italy since 1939. From September 1943, the troops of Nazi Germany joined the invaders.

Thus, the Germans hoped to prevent the Allies from entering Yugoslavia from Greek territory. The partisan army, led by the leader of the communists, E. Hodja, liberated Shkoder on November 28, 1944, and the entire territory of the country was cleared of the invaders the next day.

Liberation Day is celebrated throughout the country. On this day, as well as on Independence Day, national flags flutter over all state institutions of Albania, parades are held in many cities, and everywhere there are concerts and mass celebrations of people.