International Day of Innocent Children - Victims of Aggression (04/06)

On August 19, 1982, at its emergency special session on the question of Palestine, the UN General Assembly, "being shocked by the huge number of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese children who are victims of Israeli acts of aggression", decided by its resolution (No. ES-7/8) to celebrate June 4 of each year as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.

The day is celebrated on the anniversary of the first Israeli air raid on Beirut and a number of other settlements in Lebanon, carried out on June 4, 1982, during which a large number of civilians, including children, were killed.

Touching upon the topic of children and their future, it is impossible today not to recall that there are children who do not have a present - these are children who are in the zone of military conflicts. It is unlikely that statistics are kept that take into account how many children die during local conflicts around the world.