International Sports Journalist Day (02/07)

International Sports Journalist Day ( World Sports Journalists Day ) is celebrated in many countries around the world annually on July 2, starting in 1995, at the initiative of the International Association of Sports Press.

The basis for setting the date of the holiday was one historical event. On this day of 1924, the International Sports Press Association ( International Sports Press Association, AIPS ) was formed in Paris, which today unites almost one and a half hundred national unions of journalists from 130 countries of the world.

Sport at all times has been and remains that unifying force that unites not only individuals, but entire countries and continents.

Peacekeeping, the spirit of honest struggle, the desire for a healthy lifestyle — these components of modern sports should combine the best of what humanity has achieved during its existence.

What does sports journalism cover? This is — sports and physical education, as well as social life events related to sports and physical education.

For example, this concept of sports journalism is given in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia: sports journalism — is a socially significant activity in collecting, processing and disseminating relevant sports information through the channels of mass communication ( press, radio, television, Internet ), based on a special subject of consideration, description, analysis and audience.

In Russia, the topic of the development of sports journalism is extremely relevant. In 2012, the first All-Russian Forum-Workshop of Sports Journalists was held in Sochi, which allowed many media representatives to increase their professional skills and learn more about the nuances of working in major international competitions. And this is no coincidence, because in recent years such major sporting events as the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan have been held in Russia, XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and the finals of the World Cup.

In addition, since 1990, the Federation of Sports Journalists has existed in Russia, which brings together sports journalists from more than 80 subjects of the country. The main tasks of the federation are: the development of sports journalism, the promotion of physical culture, sports and a healthy lifestyle, as well as helping veterans of sports journalism.

On the holiday itself, the national associations of sports journalists and AIPS hold ceremonial meetings where the best representatives of the media in the field of sports are awarded, and a number of publications hold special sporting events. In Russia, on this day, the editors of various publications, the media and news agencies honor the best sports journalists.

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