Korea Independence Day (01/03)

Every year on March 1, South Korea celebrates Independence Movement Day (Samiljol) to commemorate the declaration of independence from Japanese colonial rule and the official start of a passive resistance movement.

In March 1919, the Declaration of Independence was published in Seoul. The declaration was signed by 33 South Korean patriots who formed the core of the Samil Movement (or March 1st Movement) and read out in Pagoda Park (now Tapgol Park) in Seoul.

A wave of demonstrations swept across Korea, in which about 2 million Koreans took part, and which demonstrated to the whole world their desire for sovereignty. The demonstrations were crushed by the Japanese police, who allegedly killed about 7,000 people, and even more were arrested.

And although these mass protests against Japanese policy failed, but at present it is March 1 that is considered the day the struggle for the independence of Korea began, and therefore it has been declared a public holiday in the country since 1949.

Today, in honor of the holiday, on this day, a special ceremony for the reading of the Declaration of Independence is held in Tapgol Park in Seoul, where it was first read to the public in 1919.