Republic Day in India (26/01)

Republic Day ( Republic Day ) introduced in India in 1950 and celebrated annually on January 26. This is a national holiday, marking the adoption of the Constitution of India and the transition of the country from the status of a British dominion to the republic.

India proclaimed its independence from the UK on August 15, 1947. Two weeks later, a special committee was appointed to draft the country's Constitution, which was adopted in November 1949 and entered into force on January 26, 1950.

Republic Day is celebrated throughout the country. A characteristic feature of this holiday is the organization of festive processions in Delhi, as well as in the capitals of all states. In Delhi, it runs along the central avenue of Raj Path from the Presidential Palace to the Gate of India. The procession is formed by colorfully designed platforms, representing thousands of spectators gathering on both sides of the avenue, various states of the country. Columns of schoolchildren, scouts, folk dancers, orchestras also participate in it.

This procession is preceded by a solemn ceremony of arrival on Raj Path of the President and Prime Minister of the country, as well as a military parade of the troops of the capital garrison, during which modern weapons are demonstrated, and over Victory Square — Vijay-Chouk — squadrons of Indian Air Force aircraft sweep.

An interesting afterword for the celebration of Republic Day in Delhi is the « » End-of-Harray Signal <TAG1>, in which the guards of the presidential guard participate in the picturesque uniforms of almost the time of the Napoleonic Wars. It takes place on the second day after the holiday on Vijay-Chouk Square in the presence of government leaders and members of the diplomatic corps.

At sunset, the combined army bravour orchestras perform both bravular marches and lyrical works. The ceremony dates back to the Middle Ages, when troops stopped military operations on the slope of the day and blew up the end. With the last rays of the sun, music subsides, and the dark sky is illuminated by fireworks.