International Beauty Day (09/09)

Beauty is inherent in everything healthy ... It is harmony, it is the key to peace; it embodies ideals for man and mankind. If the ideal of beauty and the need for it are preserved among the people, then there is also a need for health, norms ... thereby guaranteeing the highest development of this people (F.M. Dostoevsky).

The 20th century was revolutionary in the field of cosmetology. The International Committee for Cosmetology and Aesthetics SIDESCO took the initiative to create the International Beauty Day, which is celebrated annually on September 9th.

The CIDESCO International Committee for Cosmetology and Aesthetics (CIDESCO—Comité International D'Esthétique Et De Cosmétologie), which is considered the world's premier international association for beauty therapy, was founded in Brussels in 1946 and has since been formed by thousands of physicians around the world, thanks to the work of 33 branches in many countries.