Labor Day in Canada (05/09)

On the first Monday in September, Labor Day is celebrated in Canada, an official national holiday in honor of all the working people of the country.

In Canada, the birth of Labor Day is celebrated on April 15, 1872, when the Toronto Trades Union Assembly organized the first significant demonstration for workers' rights, 10 years earlier than Labor Day celebrations in the neighboring United States. But, despite the fact that Canadian workers turned out to be more progressive in defending their rights, it is believed that the beginning of this holiday was nevertheless laid by American workers in 1882.

The spirit and message behind Labor Day has changed markedly over time. Parades, demonstrations, just processions through the streets came to naught. But here are the appeals and speeches of famous people, trade union leaders, statesmen and politicians, representatives of the clergy and workers of the educational system of Canada are heard on this day and today.