International Day of Music (01/10)

International Music Day ( International Music Day ), celebrated annually on October 1, starting in 1975, was established at the initiative of the International Music Council ( IMC ) at UNESCO two years earlier at the 15th IMC General Assembly in Lausanne.

One of the initiators of the establishment of International Music Day was composer Dmitry Shostakovich and chairman of the International Music Council Yehudi Menukhin.

The holiday is celebrated annually around the world with large concert programs, with the participation of the best artists and art groups. On this day, compositions that have entered the treasury of world culture sound. Creative meetings are also held with composers, performers, musicologists, thematic exhibitions and educational events are organized, which contributes to the goal of distributing music as art in various communities.

Music ( from Greek musike, literally — « art of muses » ) — a form of art in which organized musical sounds serve as a certain way to embody artistic images. Humanity has been familiar with music since ancient times. In the caves of Africa, cave paintings of long-dead tribes have been preserved. The drawings depict people with musical instruments. We will never hear that music, but once it brightened up the lives of people, made them rejoice or be sad.

In 2000, Chinese archaeologists discovered a museum of musical instruments created two thousand years ago in the era of the Han Dynasty.

Music has tremendous power. There are few people in the world who are indifferent to music. Many composers tried to express through her the state of their soul. Their great names will always be gratefully pronounced by descendants. Music does not age, it will live as long as a person exists.

After all, music affects the perception of a person, fills him with emotions. This is not only the creative expression of composers, musicians and singers, for centuries and millennia music has been an integral part of the cultural tradition, religious rite and everyday existence of each nation. And now, fortunately, the music has not lost its significance, but on the contrary — the need for it is increasing.

Free access to many musical works via the Internet, modern means of recording and playing music make it more accessible, new multimedia features allow you to listen and watch musicians' performances on more advanced storage media. All this helps to expand the knowledge of people ( and especially the younger generation ) about various cultural environments, formations, traditions where music is necessarily present.

Therefore, International Music Day also realizes the idea of rapprochement and friendship between peoples, mutual enrichment of cultures, because the language of music is international and understandable to everyone who feels...

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