World Post Day (09/10)

World Post Day ( World Post Day ) — is one of the international days celebrated in the United Nations system. It is held annually on October 9 by decision of the 14th Congress of the Universal Postal Union ( Universal Postal Union ) on the day the union was created in 1874. And World Post Day, this day was proclaimed at the World Postal Union Congress held in Tokyo in 1969.

On October 9, 1874, in Björn ( Switzerland ), representatives of 22 countries, including Russia, signed the Berne Treaty establishing the foundation of the General Postal Union. In 1878, the union changed its name and became known as the Universal Postal Union ( VPS ). To date, UPU has 192 countries. Around the world, starting October 9, the International Letter Week is being held.

According to UPU, international mail speaks 6800 languages of its customers and is the world's longest network of physical mail delivery. It is designed to ensure reliable, efficient and economical transportation of goods and exchange of ideas. Mail transfers personal thoughts of friends over long distances. It helps firms of various sizes find customers and meet their needs.

Russia, celebrating Russian Post Day on the second Sunday of July, — is one of the oldest members of this influential international organization. The federal postal service network includes 42 thousand objects, among them more than 40 thousand post offices, 1860 postal service centers, about 100 post offices, and covers 99% of the country's territory with its services.

The goal of today's World Post Day — is to promote the role of the postal sector in the daily lives of people and companies and its contribution to the socio-economic development of countries. Member States celebrating this Day are invited to develop programs of activities to raise awareness of the role and activities of their postal services among the public and the media at the national level.

Each year, events held as part of ( thematic exhibitions of rare and rare brands and postcards, postage stamp contests, various educational events, open days, conferences and workshops, sports and recreational activities ) are dedicated to a specific topic. Post offices in many countries take this opportunity to introduce or promote new postal products and services. And some post offices also take this opportunity and hold awards ceremonies for their most distinguished employees on this day.

It is interesting that the world's first postage stamps appeared in England in 1840, and the first postage stamps in Russia appeared in 1857.

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