Mother's Day in Poland (26/05)

In May, the weather is sunny, the awakening of spring suggests the birth of something new, warm, lively. It is such feelings that are born between the child and mother.

Mother's Day in Poland ( Dzien Matki ) — a beautiful and kind holiday, both in time of year and in a state of mind. This is also one of the most touching holidays, because every child from childhood until his last days carries in his soul the only and unique image of — the image of his mother, who will understand everything and will love wholeheartedly no matter what.

The happiness and beauty of motherhood in all ages was chanted by artists, writers and poets. And, of course, it is no coincidence that — the degree of culture and well-being of society depends on how much a woman raising children is revered in the state. Happy children grow up in a friendly family and under the care of a happy mother.

Mother's Day is celebrated in almost all countries of the world, but at different times. The United States of America became one of the first countries to celebrate this holiday, and today this tradition has become a good spring holiday — Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, and not only in the USA, but also in many countries.

In Poland, Mother's Day was first celebrated in Krakow in 1923. As in most countries, today the holiday of mothers in Poland is a spring holiday, but it has a fixed date — on May 26.

Although it is not a public holiday and a day off in the country, but very loved. On this day, Polish children give their mothers flowers and gifts, give them signs of attention and love. Of course, adults congratulate their mothers on the holiday, because no matter how old we are, for our mothers we always remain their little beloved children. This holiday is especially good for those who in life turmoil forget sometimes just to call such a close and dear person.

Recall that in Russia Mother's Day is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of November.