Celebration in honor of the Kolochsk and Cyprus miraculous icons of the Mother of God (22/07)

The Kolochskaya Icon of the Mother of God appeared in 1413 during the reign of Vasily I Dimitrievich, 15 versts from the city of Mozhaisk, in the town of Kolocha, Smolensk province. A peasant of this village named Luka acquired a holy image and transferred it to his house. One of his household members suffered from relaxation of the body. The patient with faith kissed the icon with his forehead and received perfect healing.

This became known in the vicinity, and many suffering began to flow to the miraculous icon to worship and received grace-filled help from the Mother of God. Subsequently, Luka transferred the image to Mozhaisk, and from there to Moscow. In the capital, the holy icon was met by Metropolitan Photius with the Holy Cathedral and a multitude of people. When carrying the image around Moscow, many patients were healed of ailments. Then the icon was returned to Mozhaisk.

On the site of the appearance of the icon, a church was built in the name of the Mother of God, in which a holy image was placed.