Celebrating the Cathedral of the Archangel Gabriel (26/07)

The Cathedral of the Archangel Gabriel is celebrated by the Orthodox Church twice a year — the day after the Annunciation of ( April 8 ) and July 26.

The archangel Gabriel was chosen by the Lord in order to preach the Virgin Mary, and with Her and all people the great joy of the Incarnation of the Son of God. Therefore, the day after the Annunciation, glorifying the Blessed Virgin, they thank the Lord and honor His messenger Archangel Gabriel. And the reason for the establishment of the second day of the celebration ( July 26 ) is believed to be the date of the consecration in the 17th century in Constantinople of the temple erected in the name of St. Archistratig.

The name Gabriel means « The Power of God » or « God's stronghold ». On icons, the Archangel Gabriel is depicted from the paradise branch brought by the Virgin Mary, or with a luminous lantern in his right and mirror in his left hand.

These days, all the phenomena of the Archangel Gabriel are recalled: he inspired Moses in writing the book of Genesis; he announced to the prophet Daniel about the fate of the Jewish people; He was righteous Anna with the news of the birth of the Virgin Mary from her; the priest of Zechariah announced the birth of the Baptist of the Lord; relentlessly stayed with the Virgin during Her earthly life; He was St. Joseph the Hoop.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus Christ prayed, Archangel appeared and strengthened Him before suffering. The myrrh-bearing wives were the first to hear the good news of the Resurrection of Christ also from the Archangel Gabriel.