Student Day ( Tatyana Day ) (25/01)

It so happened that it was on Tatyana’s day, which is celebrated in a new style on January 25, in 1755, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna signed a decree « On the establishment of Moscow University », and Tatyana Day became an official university day, in those days it was called the Day of the founding of Moscow University. Since then, St. Tatiana has been considered the patroness of students. By the way, the oldest name « Tatiana » in Greek means « installer ».

At first, this holiday was celebrated only in Moscow, but very solemnly and magnificent. According to the descriptions of contemporaries, the annual celebration of Tatyana Day was a real event for Moscow. It consisted of two parts: a short official ceremony in the building of Moscow University and a noisy festivities, in which almost the entire capital took part.

In the 18th century — the first half of the 19th century, solemn acts to commemorate the end of the school year became a university, numerous guests attended them, awards were heard, speeches were made. At the same time, the official university day celebrated by prayer at the university church was January 25th. But he was not called Tatyana Day, but the Day of the founding of Moscow University.

The celebration of « professional » day students had traditions and the ritual — solemn acts were arranged with the distribution of awards and speeches. By the way, on this day, quarterly even extremely drunk students did not touch. And if they were approaching, they trumped and inquired: « Does Mr. Student need help? ».

Despite the fact that the history of the holiday goes back to the distant past, traditions have been preserved to this day. Students still celebrate their holiday on a grand scale. However, as you know, a student will never miss the chance to take a break from school, — according to folk wisdom, only « hot » session time distracts him from endless triumph.