Day of advertising workers in Russia (23/10)

Advertising Worker's Day (Advertiser's Day) is a professional holiday for all advertisers, advertisers, marketers and PR people in Russia. This holiday has been celebrated since 1994, and during its existence it has become a significant reason to talk about the place in our lives that advertising occupies.

“Advertising is the engine of trade” is a catchphrase that I. Ilf and E. Petrov put into the mouth of the unforgettable hero of “The Twelve Chairs” Ostap Bender. This means that October 23 is the day of creative people who make an invaluable contribution to the development of trade and, accordingly, the Russian economy.

The word "advertising" comes from the Latin reclamare - to shout. According to the testimony of culturologists among the ancient Romans, the solemn processions that completed the triumphal events included elements of advertising: eulogies, demonstrations of trophies obtained in battles.