Battle Day at Zalgiris (Day of the Battle of Grunwald) (15/07)

A memorable date - the Day of the Battle of Zalgiris, better known as the Battle of Grunwald, is celebrated in Lithuania annually on July 15 - on the anniversary of this historic event.

On July 15, 1410, near the village of Grunwald (in Lithuanian - Zalgiris) in East Prussia, the combined Polish-Lithuanian army defeated the knights of the Teutonic Order.

The Polish king Vladislav II Jagello, who previously ruled in Vilna and was called Jagiello, and the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vitovt utterly defeated the Germans. The success of Jogaila and Vitovt is usually called the triumph of Slavic weapons, but many thousands of Tatar cavalry also fought in the Polish-Lithuanian army. The army of the Grand Duke of Lithuania, however, consisted mainly of Slavs from the territory of present-day Belarus and the Smolensk lands. At first, military luck turned away from the future winners: unable to break through the defenses of the knights, the Tatar cavalry fled in fear.