Memorial Day of the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism in Lithuania (23/08)

August 23 is celebrated in Lithuania as the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism, established by the decision of the Seimas of Lithuania in 2009.

Previously, it was called Black Ribbon Day (Juodojo kaspino diena), and on this day many Lithuanian houses were hung with half-mast state flags with a black ribbon attached. And the choice of date was due to the fact that on this day in 1939 the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and Germany: Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop, at the direction of their leaders I. Stalin and A. Hitler, signed a document that became known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

This pact was formally concluded for a period of ten years and included only two points: the renunciation of mutual violence (this is a repetition of the provisions of the agreement of 1936) and the observance of neutrality in the event of the participation of one of the parties in the war. There was nothing supernatural in these clauses of the treaty. Such agreements were concluded in the pre-war period by many countries.