Memorial Day of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising (23/10)

Commemorating the Hungarian uprising of 1956, celebrated in the country every year on October 23, is a national holiday in honor of the memory of the Hungarian people who rebelled against the communist government. In addition, October 23 is the Day of the Proclamation of the Republic of Hungary (1989).

In 1956, unrest began in the Hungarian People's Republic, dissatisfied with political repression and the inefficient economic policy of the Hungarian leadership. As a result, on the initiative of the students of the Budapest Polytechnic Institute, on October 23, 1956, a mass demonstration was organized in the capital. Over 200 thousand people took part in it during the day.

People demanded the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the country; the creation of a new government headed by Prime Minister Imre Nagy (Imre Nagy, 1896 - 1958), previously removed from this post and expelled from the Communist Party for disagreeing with its general line and Stalin's demands; the trial of the party leader Matyas Rakosi and his associates, who built an effective punitive apparatus for all dissidents and ruined the Hungarian economy by trying to abruptly transform it from an agrarian country into an industrial colossus, which led to an agricultural crisis and a drop in living standards.