The feast of the Nineteenth Day of the Month Sultan (19/01)

On January 19, according to the Gregorian calendar, the month of Sultan begins, which means “Dominion” in Arabic. On this day - the first day of the month Sultan according to the nineteen-month Baha'i calendar - an important holiday is celebrated - the feast of the Nineteenth day of the month Sultan.

The Nineteen Day celebrations in the Baha'i community, although they have a set order, nonetheless offer great opportunities for diversity and creativity. So, during any of the three parts of the holiday - prayer, administrative and social - music can sound.

'Abdu'l-Bahá advises believers to come forward with eloquent, uplifting stories. The forms of expression of hospitality can be original and varied, it is also extremely important at what level the general council is held and how widely the topics are presented at it.

The use of elements of local cultural traditions during each part of the holiday is encouraged, as this gives it the proper originality and reflects the uniqueness of each society in which the holiday is held, and also helps to create an upbeat atmosphere and good mood among the audience.