Mardi Gras (01/03)

Mardi Gras ( fr. Mardi Gras ) — in a literal translation from French, this sound phrase means « girky Tuesday » or even « soon Tuesday » ( English. Shrove Tuesday ). The holiday is celebrated in many countries of the world on Tuesday, in front of the Pedal Environment and the beginning of the Catholic Great Lent preceding Easter.

This is a noisy and fun holiday, like the Russian Shrovetide, which is accompanied by festivities, carnivals, mass and magnificent celebrations.

The holiday is preceded by long and thorough preparations. Mistresses buy products for delicious and hearty dishes — for that and « greasy Tuesday ». On the day of the carnival, appetizing smells of pancakes — what kind of oil without pancakes come from kitchens?!

There is only one « but » — Mardi Gras « must be completed before midnight, before Wednesday. Since, according to legend:

...Once upon a time, the written beauty Roses Latulip lived in the same village. On the day of the holiday, a branched company of the crazier-groomers took and drove Gabriel — beloved Rose from the dances. Deeply insulted Gabriel, hiding anger and jealousy in his heart, was forced to watch outside dances.

Exactly one hour before midnight, a gloomy-looking arrogant stranger suddenly appeared on the site and invited the beautiful Rose to dance. Around the couple flashed in a dance. Faster and faster. Gabrielle rushed into the darkness of night. And there he stood impatiently changing his seat and carving sparks with hooves, black as tar, a guide stranger. Flame burst out of his nostrils. Around the snow melted and smelled of gray. That was hell, and the stranger turned out to be Satan himself!

When the clock hands approached the twelve, Rose no longer remembered herself, and the fury of the dance reached its limit. The eyes of Satan, full of triumph, sparkled. He knew: if he could keep the girl in the dance until the last strike of the watch announcing the coming of a new day, another soul would be in his power. But insidious plans were not destined to come true. In the remaining seconds, Gabriel broke through a crowd of dumbfounded goulacs and grabbed the unfortunate Rose from the tenacious hands of Satan...

And today, as a rule, carnivals and festivities complete the ringing of bells of the main church of the city, which also notifies the beginning of Lent, the time of repentance and abstinence.