Anniversary of the martyrdom of Baba (09/07)

In 1850, the Bab, the prophet-forerunner of the Baha'i Faith, born Mirza Ali Mohammed (Mirza Ali Mohammed, circa 1819 - July 9, 1850) was executed in Persia at the age of thirty. On this holy day, Bahá'ís abstain from work.

In 1850, Baba ("Bab" in Arabic means "Gate") was transferred to Tabriz, where he was shot twice in the city square near the wall of the barracks. His execution is surprisingly covered in religious and secular literature. The fact is that the Muslim soldiers flatly refused to shoot at the Báb, feeling deep sympathy for him.

Then the execution of the sentence was entrusted to a unit of Christian Armenians. But even an officer of this regiment named Sam Khan did not want to shed the blood of the Bab, who preached the great idea of the unity of Christian love and Muslim mutual assistance. It is said that the Bab put him to rest with these words: "Follow the order, and if your thoughts are pure, the Almighty will not leave you in a difficult situation."