Victory Day in Turkey (30/08)

Every year on August 30, Turkey celebrates a big public holiday - Victory Day (Victory Day / Zafer Bayrami) in honor of the decisive victory over the Greek invaders and in memory of those killed in the Battle of Dumlupinar, which ended the Turkish War of Independence in 1922.

The Battle of Dumlupinar was the last in the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, which, in turn, was part of the Turkish War of Independence. The Turkish army was led by Mustafa Kemal (Mustafa Kemal, 1881-1938) - in the future, a Turkish politician, the first president of the Republic of Turkey.

On August 26, 1922, Mustafa Kemal ordered an attack on the enemy, and on August 30, the largest four-day battle ended at Dumlupinar, in the province of Kütahya (Kütahya), in which the Turkish army inflicted a crushing defeat on the Greek troops, who were forced to retreat to Izmir (Izmir). Turkish troops entered the city after the Greeks and set it on fire - Izmir was completely destroyed, and civilian casualties were incalculable. To this day, Greeks and Turks hold each other responsible for that terrible fire.