Monaco Grand Prix (26/05)

Monaco Grand Prix ( fr. Grand Prix de Monaco ) — stage of the famous car race « Formula 1 ». It takes place annually in May, within 4 days, on the Monte Carlo city highway in the Principality of Monaco.

The first Monte Carlo rally took place in 1911, and it started... Since 1929, regular races of the Monaco Grand Prix began. Until 1948, when « Formula 1 » did not yet exist, auto racing was held as independent sports competitions. The first Grand Prix as a stage of the race « Formula 1 » was held in May 1950.

Until now, the stage « Formula 1 » passing through the streets of Monaco remains, probably, the most dangerous and most striking manifestation of car madness, as well as one of the most prestigious races in this world championship.

The track « Formula 1 », which runs directly along the streets of the city, does not have to be specially prepared, it is initially suitable for racing even according to the highest standards of high-speed automobile competitions. At the same time, a winding and cunning city track is considered one of the most difficult stages of the world Grand Prix. But this attracts viewers and television companies, and the competition track has been living for almost a century, although it underwent some changes compared to the original – line until 1950, the length of the racing ring was 3180 meters.

Currently, the length of the circle in the Grand Prix is 3337 m, the entire distance is – 78 laps. The length of the racing distance – 260286 m. The track in Monaco – the shortest in the championship, the narrowest and slowest ( average track speed increased from 80 km / h at the first Monaco Grand Prix to today's 152 km / h ), but also the most dangerous. Narrow, enclosed in steel barriers, the turns of Monte Carlo do not forgive a single mistake and require extreme concentration from the riders. Unlike most modern tracks, where the power of motors plays the main role, in Monte Carlo the pilot's skill comes first, although the perfect car settings are very important.

It is also worth noting that today this exciting race was the last, along with the Singapore Grand Prix, the « Formula 1 » race, which runs along city streets, and not on a specially built track, which also gives her a special charm – because the audience is in close proximity to the rushing cars.

For the pilot of royal races, the victory on the Monaco track — is the most difficult and most prestigious, it is she who confirms the high professionalism in world motorsport.