Celebrating in honor of the transfer of the Non-Defective Image of the Lord Jesus Christ (29/08)

On August 29, according to the new style, the Orthodox world celebrates the transfer from Edessa to Constantinople of the Image of Jesus Christ Not Made by Hands, which took place in 944.

Tradition testifies that during the preaching of the Savior in the city of Edessa, Avgar (Abgar, Avgar) ruled. He was stricken all over with leprosy. The rumor about the great miracles performed by the Lord spread throughout Syria and reached Abgar. Not seeing the Savior, Abgar believed in Him as the Son of God and wrote a letter asking him to come and heal him.

With this letter, he sent his painter Ananias to Palestine, instructing him to paint an image of the Divine Teacher. Ananias came to Jerusalem and saw Jesus Christ surrounded by people. He could not approach Him because of the large gathering of people listening to the Savior's sermon.