World Sleep Day (18/03)

For the first time, World Sleep Day ( World Sleep Day ) was held on March 14, 2008 at the initiative of the International Sleep Day Committee ( English. World Sleep Day Committee ) International Association of Sleep Medicine ( English. The World Association of Sleep Medicine, WASM ) and has since been held annually, on Friday before the spring equinox. Each year, events within the framework of the day are devoted to a specific topic.

Sleep — a special form of the body's existence, no less complex than day wakefulness. During properly occurring sleep, the body restores the forces spent on day activity, « puts itself in order ». That is why a healthy person wakes up with a feeling of freshness and a surge of strength.

On World Sleep Day, social advertising is activated, conferences and symposia are organized to raise awareness of the importance of sleep, sleep problems and the impact of disorders associated with its violation, on human health and society as a whole.

Balanced nutrition, proper organization of the day regime, sufficient time for sleep — necessary conditions for maintaining physical and mental health for many years.

On average, each person spends a third of his life in a dream. During sleep, we have a minimum level of brain activity and decreased reactions.

It has been proven that long periods of « lack of sleep » negatively affect the quality of life: a sense of humor disappears, irritability, isolation, and obsession with the same problems appear. The loss of only 4 hours of sleep reduces the reaction by 45%. Memory is deteriorating, possibly exacerbation of various diseases.

Doctors call poor sleep a step towards future strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, and other serious illnesses. At the same time, normal sleep — is one of the most effective ways to prevent cardiovascular and many other diseases, obesity. Experts say that lack of sleep not only reduces performance, but also leads to nervous disorders. Sleep helps the brain get rid of all the excess, « by reading » unnecessary proteins with neural connections.

Try not to accumulate periods « lack of sleep »... ( Photo: wavebreakmedia, licensed by )

To get enough sleep, just follow a few simple rules. Try not to accumulate periods « non-drinking ». Do not take alcohol and caffeine-containing products — before bedtime, they negatively affect the nervous system. It is known that it harms the quality of sleep and if you go to bed hungry or, conversely, densely singing. After dinner and before sleep, about 4 hours should pass.

However, sleeping a lot of — is no less harmful than not falling asleep. According to scientists, the ideal duration of an adult sleep is 7-8 hours a day. Some experts believe that women need an additional hour of sleep because they are more emotional. Children for normal operation of the body need to sleep at least 10 hours a day. A complete sleep can reduce their manifestations of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity and improve behavior.

Let this holiday be another reason to pay attention to your dream, and, therefore, to health. Have a nice, healthy, good sleep!

Interestingly, in July Finland celebrates the popular holiday — Sonya Day. And in recent years, — Public Sleep Day, celebrated at the end of February, has been gaining more and more popularity.