Festival of origin ( Business ) honest ancient Life-giving Cross of the Lord (14/08)

On August 14, on the first day of the Assumption Lent, the Orthodox Church celebrates the origin of ( Business ) honest ancient Life-giving Cross of the Lord.

Since the Son of God sanctified the Cross with His suffering, an extraordinary miraculous power began to manifest in it. Its manifestation is also evidenced by the history of the holiday, described in the Greek sentinel of 1897:

« Due to diseases that were very common in August, the custom of carrying the Holy Tree of the Cross on roads and streets for consecrating places and in disgusting diseases has long been established in Constantinople. On the eve, having worn it from the royal treasury, they relied on the holy meal of the Great Church. From the present day until the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, doing lithium throughout the city, they then offered it to the people for worship. This is the origin of the Honest Cross ».

The birth of this holiday dates back to the 9th century, its celebration was established in Constantinople, and in the 12-13th centuries it was established in all Orthodox churches of the world.

The Russian name of the holiday « origin » — inaccurate translation of the Greek word, which means a ceremony, a procession. Therefore, the word « Business » has been added to the name of the holiday.

On this holiday, the takeaway of the Cross and worship of it are supposed in temples. According to the rank adopted now in the Russian Church, a small consecration of water on August 14 according to a new style is performed before or after the liturgy. According to tradition, along with the consecration of water, the consecration of honey is carried out. Therefore, among the people, the holiday was called « Honey Spas ».

Having held a celebration in honor of the Cross of the Lord, the Orthodox Church offer His diligent prayers to the Lord Himself, so that by the power of His Cross he protects believers from all enemies visible and invisible on all paths of earthly life.

The celebration of the All-Merciful Savior and the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated on the same day, was also established on the occasion of signs from the icons of the Savior, The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross during the battles of the Holy Blessed Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky with the Volga Bulgarians.