Ilyin day (02/08)

Elijah is one of the greatest prophets and the first virgin of the Old Testament. He was born in Thesbia of Gilead in the tribe of Levi, 900 years before the birth of Christ. When Elijah was born, his father Sovak had a vision that handsome men were talking with the baby, swaddling it with fire and feeding it with a fiery flame.

From a young age, Elijah settled in the wilderness and lived in a strict feat of fasting and prayer. Called to a prophetic ministry during the reign of King Ahab, an idolater who worshiped Baal (the sun) and forced the Jewish people to do the same. The Lord sent Elijah to Ahab and commanded him to predict that if he and his people did not turn to the true God, then famine would overtake his kingdom. Ahab did not listen to the prophet, and a drought and a great famine came into the country.

During the famine, Elijah lived for a year in the wilderness, where ravens brought him food, and for more than two years with a widow in the city of Zarepha. Three and a half years later, Elijah returned to the kingdom of Israel and told the king and all the people that all the calamities of the Israelites were due to the fact that they forgot the true God and began to worship the idol Baal. To prove the error of the Israelites, Elijah offered to make two altars - one to Baal and the other to God, and said: "Let's make sacrifices, and if fire from heaven descends on the altar of Baal, then he is the true God, and if not, then an idol."