Memorial Day of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon (09/08)

The Great Martyr Panteleimon is revered in the Orthodox Church as a formidable saint, the patron saint of warriors. This side of veneration reveals his first name Pantoleon, which means "the lion in everything." The second name given at Baptism - Panteleimon, that is, "all-merciful", is revealed from the veneration of the great martyr as a healer. Among Western Christians, he is considered the patron saint of doctors.

The connection between these two patrons of the saint is clearly visible from the fact that warriors, who receive wounds more often than others, most of all need a healer. That is why Christians, waging spiritual warfare, also resort to this saint with a request to heal the ulcers of the soul.

The great martyr and healer Panteleimon was born in the city of Nicomedia into the family of a noble pagan Eustorgius and was named Pantoleon. His mother Evula was a Christian. She wanted to raise her son in the Christian faith, but she died when the future great martyr was still a young boy. His father sent Pantoleon to an elementary pagan school, after graduating from which the young man began to study the art of medicine from the famous doctor Euphrosynus in Nicomedia and became known to Emperor Maximian (284-305), who wanted to see him at his court.