Memorial Day of Anthony Rimlyanin, Novgorod Wonderworker (16/08)

The Monk Anthony was born in 1067 in Rome, into a family of noble and wealthy citizens who adhered to the Orthodox confession. From childhood, he was brought up by his parents in Christian piety and devotion to the Holy Church.

In his youth, the Monk Anthony, as a result of constant debate about faith and the desire of the Roman popes to convert the Orthodox to Latinism, studied the theology of the Eastern Church and the works of the holy fathers. Having lost his parents, Saint Anthony decided to become a monk and leave Rome. He was 17 years old.

Having distributed one part of the rich inheritance to the poor, and putting the other part in a barrel and throwing it into the sea, he completely surrendered himself to the will of God and set off on a journey through the monasteries where Orthodox monks labored.