Celebration in honor of the transfer of the relics of the faithful Prince Alexander Nevsky (12/09)

(August 30) On September 10, 1721, Peter I, after a long and exhausting war with the Swedes, concluded the Peace of Nystad.

It was decided to sanctify this day by transferring the relics of the Right-Believing Prince Alexander Nevsky from Vladimir to the new, northern capital, Petersburg, founded on the banks of the Neva.

The holy relics, taken from Vladimir in August 1723, were brought to Shlisselburg and remained there until 1724, when on August 30 (according to the old style) they were installed in the Trinity Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, where they rest to this day. And by the Decree of September 2, 1724, the festival was established on August 30 (according to the old style).