The Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary (14/10)

The Great Day of the Russian Orthodox Church — The cover of the Blessed Lady of our Virgin Mary and the Prikhnodeva of Maria is celebrated annually on October 14 according to the new style ( October 1 — according to the old ).

This is the main autumn holiday, the history of which dates back to 910, to the period when the Byzantine Empire waged a war with the Saracens. On this day in Constantinople ( to which Muslims ) have come close, in the Vlacher Church, where the Reza of Our Lady was stored, during the service, the holy Andrei and his student Epifani saw the Virgin floating in the air, which spread over the worshipers its wide white bedspread — cover.

...On Sunday, during the all-night vigil, when the temple was crowded with worshipers, St. Andrew, Christ for the sake of the holy fool, at the fourth hour of the night, raising his eyes to heaven, the Blessed Lady of our Virgin, who was illuminated by heaven and surrounded by Angels and the host of saints, saw our Mother of God walking through the air. The Holy Baptist of the Lord John and the holy apostle John the Theologian accompanied the Queen of Heaven.

Having knelt, the Blessed Virgin began to pray with tears for Christians and for a long time remained in prayer. Then, going up to the Throne, she continued her prayer, ending which, She removed the veil from her head and spread it over people praying in the temple, protecting them from the enemies of the visible and invisible. The Blessed Lady shone with heavenly glory, and the cover in her hands shone « the pack of the rays of the sun ».

St. Andrew trembledly contemplated the wondrous vision and asked his disciple, blessed Epiphanius, who was standing next to him: « Do you see, brother, Queen and Lady praying for the whole world? ». Epifanius answered: « I see the holy father, and I am horrified ».

Saints Andrew and Epiphanius, who were honored to contemplate the praying Mother of God, « looked for a long time at the veil spread over the people and at the glory of the Lord, which was short-won like lightning; until the Blessed Virgin Mary was there, apparently there was a veil; after her departure, it became invisible, but taking him with her, She left the grace that was there ».

The marvelous phenomenon of the Virgin, covering Christians, encouraged and comforted the Greeks, gathering their last powers, they defeated the Saracens.

In the Vlahern Church, the memory of the appearance of Our Lady was preserved. In the 14th century, the Russian pilgrim, the devil Alexander, saw in the church an icon praying for the peace of the Blessed Virgin Mary, written as St. Andrew contemplated. But the Greek Church does not know this holiday.

Weddings began on Russia with the Protection of the Day, and the girls went to church on that day to pray that the Lord would send them good grooms. The folk sign suggests that the more snow on the Intercession, the more weddings will be this year.

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