Sunton Pu Memorial Day in Thailand (26/06)

Day of memory of the great poet of Thailand Sunthon Phu (Sunthorn Phu, 1786 - 1855) is held in the Memorial Park Sunthon Phu in Klaeng district of Rayong province. And although this holiday is not a public holiday, it is considered an important date in the country.

More than two hundred years ago, on June 26, 1786, Sunthon Pu was born in Bangkok. He was born in the fifth year of the reign of King Rama I. His father was from a small town in the Raynong region, but after his marriage the family moved to Bangkok. Shortly after Pu was born, his parents divorced. His father returned to his town, and his mother remarried and later became a nurse in the royal palace.

Sunton Pu differed from other more noble poets in that he was a simple man. Like all young people of that time, he graduated from temple school, entered the service of the royal scribe and became famous at court due to his literacy skills and his poetry. King Rama II respected him and consulted him on many occasions about the style and literacy of writing.