World DJ Day (09/03)

World DJ Day ( World DJ Day ) — is more likely not an official holiday, but an important charity campaign that has been held since 2002 on behalf of the International Club Industry. Every year, a week of charity events is held around the world to help children's organizations, and their culmination is March 9 — World DJ Day.

Initially, the event was initiated by the World DJ Fund and the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy organization, which uses music to treat children and adults. Traditionally, all profits earned by DJs, clubs, radio stations on this day are sent to various international children's funds and institutions.

For several years, the annual tradition of DJ charity has been supported by famous media and stars of the world dance scene.

There are several types of DJs. Radio DJs present and play music that is transmitted via AM, FM, shortwave, digital or radio station channels.

Club DJs choose and play music in bars, nightclubs, discos and even stadiums. Mobile disc jockeys travel with portable sound systems and present music at various events.