Day of repentance and prayer (16/11)

The Day of Repentance and Prayer (Buß- und Bettag / Day of Prayer and Repentance) is a special day for the Protestant church. It is celebrated on the Wednesday before the last Sunday of the church year. Most popular in German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria).

This holiday has its roots in the medieval "days of atonement". At that time, with the threat of natural disasters and wars, the clergy called on the entire population to intense prayer and repentance.

The word "repentance" often creates the wrong associations. On this day, we are not talking about repentance for the deed in the sense of receiving punishment for it, but about changing attitudes, returning to God.

Over time, the religious content of these days lost its public and acquired a personal character. Since the believers had to devote the whole day to thinking about their sinfulness, all kinds of work were canceled. In some countries, this tradition has survived to this day.