Friends Day in the USA (24/11)

Friends Day or, in a literal translation, Friends and People's Day is celebrated in the United States annually on November 24 on the birthday of the famous American psychologist and writer Dale Carnegie ( Dale Carnegie, 1888 — 1955 ), author of « How to make friends and influence people » ( How to Win Friends and Influence People ).

First published in 1936, this book immediately became a bestseller, continuing to sell well today.

Dale Carnegie was born at Maryville Farm in Missouri. The family lived in great poverty, however, he was able to enter the State Pedagogical College in Warrensberg and get a good education.

In an effort to overcome the inferiority complex caused by property status, Dale Carnegie sought the opportunity to distinguish himself with something. Practicing in oratory in student discussions, he unexpectedly discovered that he had found some ways to communicate effectively, some of which he had told in his books.

On this day, in the bookstores of America, Carnegie's books are displayed in the most prominent place, which are sold out especially well on November 24th. Universities, schools hold lectures and seminars, various discussions that help young people « find themselves » when communicating, giving recommendations on how to build relationships when entering society.