Day of the Engineering Troops of Ukraine (03/11)

Every year on November 3, Ukraine celebrates a professional holiday for all employees and military personnel of the engineering troops - the Day of the Engineering Troops (Ukrainian "Day of Engineering Troops"). It was approved by Decree of the President of the country No. 1399/99 of October 27, 1999 as a sign of the outstanding merits of sappers, veterans and military engineers of Ukraine.

In the general structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, engineering troops belong to special troops. Organizationally, the units and subunits of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are part of the Ground Forces, the Air Defense Forces and the Naval Forces, and the Air Force has airfield engineering units and subdivisions.

One of the main tasks of the engineering troops is the installation and maintenance of minefields and non-explosive obstacles (barbed or cutting wire, anti-tank ditches, scarps and counter-scarps, barricades, blockages on roads, areas of swamping and flooding). Warrior-engineers are trying to hinder the advance of the enemy by destroying roads, bridges, destroying water supply systems, gas supply, electricity supply, fuel tanks, oil fields.