Day of cultural and art workers, as well as poetry of Makhtumkuli Fragi in Turkmenistan (27/06)

Makhtumkuli ( pseudonym Fragi ) ( approx. 1730-1780s, the exact date is unknown ), an outstanding Turkmen poet, classic of Turkmen literature and thinker. Over 10 thousand lines of his poems have been preserved, many works have been translated into Russian.

In the early years of independence, on May 18, — the day of adoption of the Constitution of independent Turkmenistan — the country celebrated as a national holiday of rebirth and unity, and on May 19 paid tribute to the classics of Turkmen literature, poet and philosopher Makhtumkuli Fragi. By decision of Saparmurat Niyazov, two holidays were combined into one — Day of revival, unity and poetry of Makhtumkuli. And for a long time it was celebrated on May 18 and was a state day off. But in 2017, this holiday, at the initiative of the country's parliament, was postponed to June 27, when the Day of Workers of Culture and Art of Turkmenistan ( started since 2009 ). Parliamentarians considered it appropriate to combine this professional holiday with a day dedicated to the creative heritage of a person who made a huge contribution to the cultural development of the country.

And although the Day of Poetry of Makhtumkuli Fragi lost the status of an official public holiday, but not the scale of his celebration.

Every year for this day, the Ministry of Culture and Broadcasting of the country, as well as other departments and public organizations, are preparing a rich program of festive events. The museums host exhibitions of famous Turkmen masters-painters, graphic artists and sculptors, at — scientific conferences, literary meetings and creative competitions, in theaters and film and concert halls — literary and musical events.

The solemn ceremony of laying flowers at the foot of the Independence Monument, the monument to Makhtumkuli and other classical poets has become one of the obligatory rituals of this Day.

In addition to the fact that the holiday is widely celebrated in Turkmenistan itself, for many years various festive events are also held at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Russia. Traditionally, representatives of the public of the Russian capital, diplomats, journalists, representatives of the Turkmen diaspora of Moscow and Russian regions, Turkmen students studying at Russian universities are invited to the celebrations.

Reading poems and the sound of national Turkmen music, sharing creative impressions and tasting gourmet dishes of Turkmen cuisine create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and contribute to strengthening friendship between nations.