Miner's Day (28/08)

On the last Sunday of August, courageous people celebrate their professional holiday, whose hard work is the key to successful economic development. For more than half a century, Russia and other countries - the former Soviet republics - have been celebrating Miner's Day, paying tribute to the selfless work of the glorious army of thousands of miners.

The coal mining industry has been and remains one of the key sectors of the Russian economy, providing fuel for enterprises and the population. It depends on the quantity and quality of the extracted raw materials whether it will be warm in the apartments of the inhabitants of not only this region, but the whole country in the coming winter.

Miner's Day was officially approved in the USSR at the suggestion of the ministers of the coal industry A.F. Zasyadko and D.G. Onika on September 10, 1947. The first time Miner's Day was celebrated on August 29, 1948.