Day of Statistics Workers of Ukraine (05/12)

Every year on December 5, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Statistical Workers (Ukrainian Day of Statisticians) - a professional holiday established by Presidential Decree No. 1120/2002 of December 2, 2002, in support of the initiative of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and taking into account the significant contribution of workers in this industry to the development of the economy states.

This date is connected with the holding in 2001 of the first All-Ukrainian population census, the most large-scale statistical work. But the census is only a small part of the statistics.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On State Statistics", statistical bodies carry out state statistical activities aimed at collecting and processing "statistical information on mass economic, social, demographic, environmental phenomena and processes taking place in Ukraine and its regions."

All the results of statistical developments in one form or another are provided to the governing bodies and the media. Statistics are published regularly in newspapers, radio and television. If the statistics are silent about something, it is largely due to the fact that they are aware of the importance of accurate information.

On their professional holiday, all statisticians receive congratulations and encouragement from management and government officials.