Day of Remembrance of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky (06/12)

Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky — talented commander, diplomat, wise and strong ruler — put all his strength in defense of the Russian Earth from foreign invaders. The Orthodox Church glorified the prince for the meek ministry to others and the gracious help provided to the people during times of severe trials and deprivations.

The great prince Vladimirsky Alexander Nevsky had a difficult fate: « to save Russia, he had to simultaneously reveal the valor of the warrior and the humility of the foreigner ».

The glory of this man was great already in life. The main battles won by the prince, — the battle on the Neva with the Swedes in 1240 and the Ice Beating with the German Knights ( the crusaders ) on Lake Peipsi in 1242.

Understanding that Mongolian slavery — is a humiliating and heavy burden, he nevertheless made a lot of efforts to maintain peace with Horde, which gave him the opportunity to give up all his strength to reflect aggression from the Catholic West. The indulgence for Orthodox Russia meant not only physical destruction, but also spiritual death.

Unlike the Tatars, the crusaders, blessed by the Roman pope, not only robbed and killed, but also carried the destruction of the foundations of the Orthodox spiritual culture of the Russian people. The veneration of Prince Alexander as a saint began almost immediately after his death.

On December 6, 1941, on the Day of Remembrance of Alexander Nevsky, the counterattack of Soviet troops near Moscow began, and in 1942 the day of the Ice Beat coincided with Easter. On the money of the Russian Orthodox Church, an air squadron named after Alexander Nevsky was created.

To this day, the Russian people live in the belief that Alexander Nevsky guards the borders of the Russian state.