Semik (Green Christmas time) (09/06)

Semik (Green Christmas time) was the main boundary between spring and summer. In the folk calendar, with the adoption of Christianity, the feast of the Trinity was timed to these days. In the rites of the Green Christmastide, summer and the beginning of summer field work were welcomed.

The cycle of Green Christmastide consisted of several rituals: bringing a birch tree into the village, curling wreaths, kumlenya, burial of a cuckoo (Kostroma or a mermaid). The birch was a symbol of inexhaustible vitality. As well as during the winter Christmas time - carols, mummers participated in all the rites, depicting animals, devils and mermaids. Two main themes can be distinguished in the songs performed during the Green Christmas holidays: love and labor. It was believed that the imitation of labor activity ensured the well-being of future field work.

During the performance of the song “You succeed, succeed, my flax”, the girls showed the process of sowing flax, weeding, cleaning, combing and spinning. The singing of the song “We sowed millet” was accompanied by movements in which the participants reproduced the processes of sowing, gathering, threshing, and putting millet into the cellar.