Autumn (24/09)

In the agricultural calendar of the Slavs, this day was called "autumn" or "ospozhinki" and was celebrated as a harvest festival. On this day, Thanksgiving was given to Mother Earth.

In September, the harvest was completed, which was supposed to ensure the well-being of the family for the next year. In addition, the meeting of autumn was marked by the renewal of fire: the old fire was extinguished and a new one was lit, which was mined with blows of flint.

From autumn, the main economic activity was transferred from the field to the garden or to the house: the collection of vegetables began (first of all, onions were harvested). Usually a treat was arranged in Oseniny, for which the whole family gathered. For the holiday, beer was brewed and a sheep (ram) was slaughtered. A pie was baked from the flour of the new harvest. They praised Mother Earth for giving birth to bread and other supplies.

Since the harvest of hops began from that day, the corresponding game songs were sung at the festive festivities:

We hop, hop, move, On our side, As on our side, there is a lot of freedom! And the freedom is big, the men are rich! That the men are rich, stone chambers! What stone chambers, golden doors, What molded domes!