Day of St. Gregory, Enlightener of Armenia (30/09)

Saint Gregory the Illuminator (3rd-4th century), whose memory is honored by the Armenian Church on September 30, is the first bishop (catholicos) of Armenia.

His father was bribed by the Persians, killed the Armenian king Khosrov, and was executed for this. The same fate awaited the entire family of the killer. Only the youngest, who was soon named Gregory at baptism, was saved. The Christian nurse managed to take the boy to Caesarea in Cappadocia, where he was baptized and received a Christian upbringing.

Gregory grew up and, in order to make up for the shame of his father, entered the service of the son of the king he had killed - Trdat. When Trdat found out that Gregory was a Christian, he ordered him to be cruelly tortured, and then thrown into a ditch to starve to death. However, one pious woman fed Gregory, and in this way he lived in the ditch for 13 years.