Marena Day (04/12)

In Slavic mythology Marena (Marana, Morena, Marzhana, Marzhona) is associated with the embodiment of death, with seasonal rituals of dying and resurrection of nature. Goddess Marena establishes her Kingdom of snow and frost on earth before the arrival of Spring.

Mara Morena has been revered since ancient times as the Dark Face of the Great Goddess - the Mother of all things. If the Light Zhiva gives life and warmth to every belly, then the Dark Mara dooms everything that has become obsolete to death and coldness. Creation and destruction, life and death are two sides of Being that do not exist separately, but always act together. Without death there is no renewal and rebirth.

In Slavic mythology, Marena is called the Winter and koshnoy Mistress, the Koshnoy Sovereign (Lady of Death). By this day, full-fledged winter weather is established. At the beginning, no praises are pronounced, no sacrifices and trebes are made. Obavnitsa proclaims: