Memorial Day of Rev. Elijah Muromets, Pechersky (01/01)

On January 1, the memory of the Russian saint, the Monk Elijah, the miracle worker of Murom, is honored. He was a warrior and a monk, he served the Fatherland during the reign of Vladimir Monomakh.

Elijah spent his whole life on campaigns, and at the end of his life he took monastic tonsure and shut himself up in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. He died in 1188. Here his holy relics rest.

It is also known about the Monk Elijah that he died, folding the fingers of his right hand for prayer, as is customary even now in the Orthodox Church - the first three fingers together, and bending the last two to the palm of his hand. During the period of struggle with the Old Believer schism (late 17th - 19th centuries), this fact from the life of the saint served as strong evidence in favor of a three-fingered addition.

By the way, it was this saint that folk tradition identified with the famous epic hero Ilya Muromets. And in some military units of Russia, chapels were built in the name of St. Elijah of Muromets.