Day of the military motorist of the Armed Forces of Russia (29/05)

Every year on May 29, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation celebrate the Day of the military motorist, established by order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 100 dated February 24, 2000.

It must be said that this is a professional holiday not only for servicemen of the Automobile Troops of the Russian Federation, but also for all military personnel who, on duty, drive any vehicle.

The date for the holiday was not chosen by chance. On this day in 1910, the first Automobile Training Company was formed in St. Petersburg. The main task of the company was the training of specialists for the automotive units of the Russian army. In a short time, it actually turned into a center for the auto-technical support of the troops of the Russian army and was the prototype of the entire future organization of the automotive service and the auto-technical support system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.