Spanning (14/05)

The span of the Slavs is the meeting of the span, the last week of plowing and the beginning of sowing. Also on this day, the Slavs performed protective rites of awakening the earth, bringing strength and health.

Maya Goldilocks was famous - the Mother of All Gods, she was given a ritual of worship at the Temple of the goddess of fate Makosha. Also in her honor, a sacred fire was lit, marking the beginning of summer. In general, in Proletye it was customary to kindle large fires so that they would burn for the glory of the coming summer.

There was also a ritual of ploughing, bringing health and good luck, and magical sorcery at Trigla (the ancient Slavic goddess, one in three forms: creating, preserving and destroying), helping a woman to maintain harmony in the family.

The holiday of Proletya was celebrated noisily, cheerfully and popularly. Traditionally, buffoons and valiant fun, games, songs and round dances were arranged on this day. Dances and songs were held to the accompaniment of Slavic instruments: drum, kugikly, pipes, flutes.