Day of local industry workers in Ukraine (05/06)

The Day of Local Industry Workers (Ukrainian: Day of Workers of the Local Industry) is celebrated annually in Ukraine on the first Sunday of June. It was established in the country in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 726/2002 of August 20, 2002, "taking into account the significant contribution of local industry workers to the development of the state's economy."

Local industry in Ukraine as an industry was established in 1934. Throughout its existence, it experienced a number of organizational transformations and in the last pre-perestroika years it was subordinate to the republican sectoral ministry and regional executive authorities. After the collapse of the USSR, she went through hard times.

At the beginning of the third millennium, the industry consisted of about 250 small enterprises, which employed approximately 50,000 workers. And today their activities are mainly aimed at providing local commodity markets with competitive consumer goods.

Local industry enterprises, including small factories, factories, industrial enterprises, firms, associations, research and other organizations, produce a wide range of products, which includes more than 15 thousand items of household and household goods.