Birthday of Santa Claus (18/11)

On November 18, Russia officially celebrates Father Frost's birthday. It is believed that on November 18, on his estate - in Veliky Ustyug - real winter comes into its own, and frosts hit.

What is the age of the winter wizard is not known for certain, but it is for sure that more than 2000 years, and at different times he was known in different ways: first in the guise of the East Slavic spirit of the cold Treskun, then as a character in the fairy tales Morozko or Moroz Ivanovich.

It is believed that the “literary” Russian Santa Claus first appeared on the pages of books in 1840, when Vladimir Odoevsky’s “Children’s Tales of Grandfather Iriney” were published, where the winter wizard was called Moroz Ivanovich.